How To #1

 Head scarves are my go-to for a bad hair day or when I'm in between washes since I don't wash my hair everyday (because it's curly it tends to dry out). I love the classy look and fits with pretty much every outfit. The scarf I'm using is a big silk square scarf. This technique works on pretty much all square scarves. Here is how I tie my head scarf:
First, I put my hair up in some sort of messy bun. My hair is pretty short so I can't make very fancy buns but I know this look would be adorable with some sort of sock bun or something. I leave my bangs down but you can clip them up as well to make a poof in the front of your scarf. Second, lay out your scarf. Third, fold it diagonally into a triangle. Fourth, begin folding it towards the point in a semi-even fashion. You're product should look like photo Five. The little left over fabric can be tucked in once the scarf is on your head. 
 Next, carefully pull the scarf around your head back to front with the little flap facing your head. Tie the two ends together once like a shoelace and then add a knot like in the third photo.
 Finally bring your two ends back around your head (They should be going to the opposite side they came from) and make a knot in the back. tuck away any loose hairs or fabric.
Ta da, all done! For me it's a perfect way to turn a bad hair day into a cute hair day. Come back for more how-tos later on... much love, sarah jasmine

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