Workshop Wednesday: Manifesto

I know that it’s august and not January but every school year feels like a whole new year in itself. That being said I wanted to write a manifesto highlighting what it is I hope to accomplish this year. Mine is a poem format but you could take this idea and turn it into a simple list of goals and such.

My Manifesto: to truly enjoy the year as it comes and not be overwhelmed or have it fly by due to stress and apathy.

The Manifesto

The bell rings muffled by the sounds of roll call and
Talk of summer
And trips and applications

This is the year
The year I thought would never come
And I shall jump into it feet first
And enjoy every moment
Taking everything in

The last
This is the last

Filled with deadlines
And foreign phrases
And AP bio disections
And nights upon nights spent on
Last minute projects

No matter what hardships
Drama (which there will be, it’s highschool)
I will look around the crowded halls
And cherish every moment I have
Until forever

1 comment:

  1. Wow, brings back so many memories and a few regrets. Well, not necessarily regrets, because if things went differently I wouldn't have my beautiful children! Love you so much and thank you for sharing your thoughts!