My Children

The Starry Bow
I know the title is a little silly but it's true. These bows are my children and I'm so proud to finish sewing up the first batch. My bestie Pamela came over and modeled the bows for me. They will be going up in my Etsy shop when it opens later this month. Here is a preview of some different styles. 
Sophisticated Paisley Bow
Edgy Velvet Bow
The Ballerina Bow
The Classic Chicken Bow
The Yo-yo Bow
Didn't pam do a good job modeling? These bows each have their own personality to them. They are perfect for jazzing up every outfit! Prices will vary based on style and size. Also, I can create custom bows as well. Which one is your favorite?
xoxo. Sarah jazzmine. 


  1. I typically am not big on pink, but the ballerina bow is so delicate and beautiful! I love it! They are all fantastic, Sarah. You do great work!