Back To Business

Since this move I have yet to get fully in the groove of crafting again. My supplies has been laying in boxes and since we threw out my old desk during the move I haven't had any work space. But then...we went to ikea! I love ikea. I've bought lots of furniture from ikea and just yesterday I purchased my awesome new desk. I stayed up till about 2:30 in the morning putting it together and rearranging my things. I also purchased a little shelf unit from target. The combination is perfect. I love organizing so it feels pretty perfect to have all my supplies right at hand.
 It is definitely my new favorite spot in the entire world. Not only that I feel motivated to get down to work and just in time for the new school year. I'll share more of my new room later. Thanks for reading. xoxo sarah j.


  1. Nice, Sarah! Can you come do my house?

  2. Haha, sure! I love decorating and organizing.