Workshop Wednesday: Photo Poetry

They say a picture says a thousand words. But what if it's not saying the right words? (not that they aren't wonderful enough already). Sometimes I add a little text on photos to provide information or to explain something ,so I thought that maybe I could do something similar by adding poetry. Since photography and poetry are both arts I just figured that they would go really well together! The task is simple, find a photograph and write a short poem or narrative that explains your emotions or thoughts when you look at the photo.

Here is the poem by itself:

With a Sonic toy in one hand and yours in the other
we climbed this mountain that led
to the most monstrous castle.
I was sure this was a castle
I had never seen a castle before but already
I had filled my head with hundreds of
stories of knights and princesses. 
you used to call me a princess.
A changeable cube in my hand explaining 
the water cycle proved my entertainment, and as 
I asked you about the world, you smiled 
you always love to teach me.
it was my naive curiosity that let you know 
that I would be different than you
that I could believe with awe in the powers of nature, and
stories, and magic
yes this was a place for magic

with the technology in one hand
and yours in the other we climbed this hill that led 
to a gracious tower
I was sure that this place was once the castle of my dreams
just like I am sure you are the prince in my 
story and I your princess.
you sometimes call me princess.
looking through the glass, frame by frame
the world through a lens seemed so entertaining
I told you about my dreams and you smiled
you always love to dream with me
it was my great ambitions that let you know
that I would be the one for you
that I would believe with awe in the powers of love, and
forever, and magic
yes this was a place for magic

Here it is avec the photo:

This is my favorite hiking spot in San Antonio. It's not the most rigorous or exciting but it has a beautiful tower at the end of the trail. I love that tower. It brings back old memories of me and my dad, and new memories of me and Joel. This picture is more than the story of a beautiful tower. It's my story with the tower.

Now go write your photo story.
much love, sarah jasmine.

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