Sunny Days

Due to sickness and busyness I have hardly gotten out to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather that lies somewhere on the spectrum between Spring and Summer (It's already getting pretty warm here in Texas...). So today my lovely boyfriend and I went on an adventure to try and scrounge for the remaining wild flowers before the unrelenting heat kills them all.
Although we ended with no flowers, it was still nice to get out and stretch my stir crazy body. I  also used this expedition as part of my strenuous attempt to get Joel into photography so he can help take photos of me. I think he did pretty well, don't you?
Besides my lack of Vitamin D, I have quite the dilemma. I have so many projects, designs, and ideas. Normally that would be great except for the lack of time and equipment. I keep telling myself not to dote too much on these problems since I'm not a professional it's okay to not have professional tools and a professional amount of time, but I can't help but wish I could have the latest photoshop or endless amounts of fabric. Oh well. Someday...xoxo. sarah jazzmine. don't forget to enjoy your own sunny days!

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