Room Tour Part I

I've been so inspired by space tours on Eva Black Design and The Selby lately. There is nothing more fun than seeing other artists spaces where they create and live. There spaces are just so pretty...
For me my room has always been the most important place to me. It's my place to unwind and completely be who I am. I always try and arrange it to keep it fresh and inspiring. I always know when I get into a creativity slump it's time to change up my room! Lately I've been into really simple, clean arrangements and my new room arrangement kind of reflects that. I threw out lots of stuff and simplified my inspiration board. Of course, I wouldn't love my room without all it's quirky bits like my cow collection, tea cups, and memorable notes from friends. It's almost as if I barfed out everything important to me into four walled space. Not the prettiest metaphor..but it gets the point across. Anyway,  I wanted to share a little two part piece with you guys about my favorite place in the whole world so please enjoy <3...


  1. Dear Cousin, your room is beautiful! I am not too artistic myself, but I can only imagine the inspiration that you get from your surroundings!