So it's about time for girls to be buying prom dresses and boys to be asking girls out around where I live. I'm not going to prom this year because it's too expensive but I love the idea and I'm definitely going my senior year. I have my heart set on designing and making my own dress so we'll see how that works out.
Anyway, pretty pictures have been popping up that I want to incorporate into my dream prom so I wanted to share....

I love all three of these style dresses. I really want a maxi dress with a really simple color like white. The first lace one is definitely my favorite <3 <3 <3 
I really want some bold make up to contrast my simple dress. I love coral lipstick and liquid eyeliner
and I think these nail would just be perfect!

I really love those flats! I want some pretty flats and maybe a floral head piece and some simple jewelry like rings. 

I totally want a romantic outdoor dinner with my handsome boyfriend in a grey vest. Swoon!

This makes me excited for next year! <3 <3 What would you wear to prom?
Much Love, Sarah Jasmine.

(photos grabbed from Pintrist. Click on photos for source)

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