Feathers, Stripes, and Cheetah, Oh my!

This morning I woke up looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:47. Problem? I'm supposed to wake up at 5:45 (Yes I get up EARLY). I hate waking up late and in a rush I got ready and threw on whatever was closest which ended up being a fabulous array of patterns. Once I got past all the blah of waking up late the day was rather wonderful and I realized that I was very happy with my "rush" outfit. So much so I would like to document it and share it with you wonderful people reading this blog.

Today there was lots of talk about the future and college among my friends. Just nine more weeks of junior year and then I will be a senior. Bleh, sometimes I hate the idea of growing up. I always knew it would happen but lately it's been ever encroaching upon my territory and I can hear it knocking on my door. It'll be a while before I answer...

Besides all that, with my French club (basically a few of my friends) I'm going to see "The Artist" tonight. I'm so excited because of all the fantastic reviews it has gotten. I hope it's as wonderful as I'm expecting!

From this picture it looks pretty magical to me! source.

Have a Great Evening! <3 Sarah Jasmine.

Outfit details: Feather Crown//Red Velvet, shirt&shorts// Forever 21, fish necklace//gift, cheetah flats//Target

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