Bits of Monday

This monday consisted of sparkly shoes (forever 21: ten dollars!), ambiguous physics homework, the dentist's office, and celebratory mint ice cream (I get my top braces off next month!). The weather has been looking lovely lately and I'm counting down the days till my long awaited Spring Break.
I never understood why people hated mondays. Who wouldn't want a fresh start every week? But then again who wants their weekend to end. Sometimes I wish we lived life based on moment rather than time periods like days or hours.
I have so many tests to study for before spring break comes. I'm trying to look into some neat stress relieving methods. Reading is definitely one for me...Oh, I wish I could be reading. Speaking of which, I just finished The Glass Castle. I highly recommend reading it; it's phenomenal. 
Happy monday XOXO. Sarah Jasmine. 
P.S- This should be me:

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