Color Story: Ocean Blue

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There's something great about blue. Just indescribably great. I don't have a favorite color, because I don't believe picking favorites is ever justified, but if there was an award for "most worn by Sarah J.", and "Most deeply admired along with dark green" Blue would definitely be the winner. Still I hate the broad term of a color such as "blue" or "red" (with the exception of black and white because well like they are what they are) so I'm going to say ocean blue, because it's true, I love the color.
I'm not really a beach, oceany type of girl. I am a hill mountainy type. I have no beach body. Never ridden any waves. And I'm not particularly a fan of sand in my butt all day. But still, there has to something said about the gorgeousness that is the ocean, and everything that is colored similarly.

I love the way that the ocean mirrors the sky and the sky mirrors the ocean and that sometimes you can't tell which is which and the universe is just this blue that goes on forever.
I associate with adventure of course, but I've come to realize that I associate every color I love with adventure. Maybe I'm just an adventure lover. Maybe.
And of course water is life. Like we need water to live I know. But it's the center of so much more. What day do you go without encountering water? Not one I hope. It's summer days at the community pool. It's the memories during long rainy winters. It's tears that have been shed for happiness and sadness. (I know this is getting cheesy sorry). My point is that water is the center without the fact that we are mostly made up of it.

Talking about this makes me think of this video. It's my favorite video ever. Please watch.

I love ocean blue. I really do. It also makes me think about The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants series (ever read?). there is one part where they are all watching the sunset and one of the girls points out the blending of the ocean and the sky and how it's the color of a wonderfully worn pair of jeans (which happens to be the symbol of their friendship). So I guess blue is friendship. It's my best friend's favorite color (I wrote her a song once, and that fact was included).

Anyway, blue means a lot. What does blue mean to you? I'm super curious, so leave a comment letting me know!
xoxo. Sarah Jasmine. 

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