Daily Outfits: Fall Layers

It is cold. Like 50 degrees cold (I know that's not very cold for northern standards). I'm taking advantage of this cold weather by layering up. Fall and winter are truly my favorite seasons. I also got fancy and attempted a crown braid today. In the beauty area I'm pretty challenged and my short curly hair got pretty frizzy being handled so much to make braids. Oh well, I like it. Anyway, I think I'm rambling on now when all I really want to do is show you this outfit...
I haven't posted an outfit in a while. I haven't done much in a while. School has been trying to kill me I swear, but I'm fighting back. I need to stay creative or else I just feel sour. so, I'm working to get back to this. Anyway, more outfit posts to come! Plus a fall playlist and a few adventures so stay put. I love you guys! xoxo. sj.

p.s- Thanks to my friend Camille and Sarah for taking these photos after French Club today!

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