A Nod To Summer

School starts monday. I don't really know how that happened but it did. In the midst of preparing I laid out in the sun and wrote a little nod to summer for being so good to me. To everyone, hopefully.

We wished away the school daysWith happiness and glee
Summer always seems so far away
Just a distant dream
Until the reality of swelling freedom
Becomes too much to bear
They ring the bell and finally
We're suddenly there

No more quiet desperation
Or late night worries
Like a plant we lay and soak up
Rays to complete our own photosynthesis
The waves of youth tower over us
Laughs have no weight
And no sorrow to them
Just easy breezes
Of a carefree season

We need no purpose here
Nothing but the feeling
The deep and sincere freedom
Of warmth and friendship and never ending days
No obligations to who you are
Or who you ought to be

Days and days made for thinking and dreaming
And all the rest for adventures with no reason or rhyme 

or consciousness to the day and the time
This is summer

The sweet sweat dripping down your neck
Reminding you that life is a blessing
Then suddenly
When no one is ready 

It's over
And we accept
Without regret the new autumn breeze
But never forget the summer ease
Now again a distant dream

Also, watch this Kinfolk Ode To Summer video shot by two of my favorite artist: Andrew and Carissa Gallo.

Til next year summer. love, sarah j. 

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