Workshop Wednesday: Napkin Poetry

*workshop wednesdays are where I discuss my passion of written art via sharing poetry, my writing, or by discussing writing techniques and providing prompts for you to take on and enjoy on your own*

Since I don't have any internet I've been spending lots of time at Starbucks. I've never really been a writer that just sits down and writes whenever I want. I wait for inspiration to strike and sometimes it strikes in random places. I've written my share of thoughts on many napkins, receipts, and scrap papers. It's actually fun. Sometimes it's even great to leave them behind as treasures someone might find. It's super simple and if you like writing I think you may like the challenge of writing in public. Like I said, I spend lots of time at Starbucks so I actually wrote these, as you may be able to tell, on Starbucks napkins. If I can do it, so can you. 

There you go! Napkin Poetry.

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