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It's been a lazy few days as you can probably notice from the quietness here on the blog. Really though, they were days full of thinking, and dreaming, and writing. So much to think about lately. Really it all boils down to me deciding what I really want and what I find really important. It's hard to want my back to school shopping spree when I hear about human trafficking in Sudan or read about horrible diseases than can be cured just by a less greed in the world. I really love crafting and sewing and pretty outfits, but at the end of the day it really all is stuff. And it's not just people I want to be looking after. We were given this beautiful planet in my opinion to take care of it. Not destroy it. So often we take these precious gifts of abundant life for granted. I want to spend my days celebrating the most beautiful aspects of humanity and nature. Focused on more than fashion and yummy organic foods (which are both wonderful trust me), but somedays I want to walk away from that and do something great. I want to travel to South America to admire the great rainforest and or go down to the nearest shelter and help someone. And do even just the little things. Being kind when it's hard. Being humble (which is hard for me because I always have to be right). Or just becoming at peace with myself and what I have. Knowing that I don't have to own the fanciest clothes or the nicest camera. This isn't to make anyone feel guilty or try and say that we're all greedy. I don't believe either of those things. This is just personally thoughts for myself that I wanted to share. No matter what though I do believe that we should all try to be grateful for every day we have. 
Anywayyyy,  I guess I've been a bit deep lately especially since my senior photos are tomorrow (eek!).
On another note, today is my best friend Pamela's Birthday !
much love, sj.

"simplicity, simplicity, simplicity"
-Henry David Thoreau 

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