Trying New Things...

I've never been one to just stick to one thing. I could never be just a writer, or a photographer, or a crafter... I have to do everything! Seriously, my list of hobbies grows steadily... recently I have not been able to get clothing designs out of my head. Everything from tutus, to linen shorts, to totally mod dresses. I realized I just can't resist, here is a new thing and I might as well dive right in. So here is the proof of a beginning of something new. My very poorly drawn sketches of a few ideas (I looked up how to draw fashion sketched but it didn't help much, still I'm proud!). This summer I plan on dedicating so much time to trying to actually make some things as well as tend to my other hobbies and make this blog phenomenal! For now, I'm just dabbling in these new ideas, trying to stay creative in little ways, and keeping my head above water during these last few weeks of school. Summer is so close it's painful. much love, sarah jazzmine.

p.s- I just made a Twitter and I'm very new to the Tweeting community. If you want to follow me @WithALittleJazz I'd be happy to follow you back! 

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