Just Another Music Mix: Sucré Edition

I shared a video a while back of this band Sucré and told you how much I loved them. Their album, A Minor Bird, came out earlier in April and I'm soooo excited because tomorrow I get to see them live! My boyfriend and I are driving up to Austin to go to one of their concerts and I cannot explain how much I am looking forward to this. I'm about to explode! 
Stacy King, formerly in the band Eisley, is the singer and she is phenomenal! Her voice is amazing and she's so very pretty. Along with her the band consist of her husband, Darren of MuteMath, and Jeremy Larson, who is an amazing artist and is husband to my favorite blogger and ultimate idol Elsie Larson. Elsie is on tour with them so I'm really hoping I get to meet her as well as the members of Sucré! That would kind of be an absolute dream come true. 

Well, enough of me. Let me just let the music do the talking, enjoy <3....

I'm so very very excited, I just need to figure out what I'm going to wear! 
xoxo. Sarah Jasmine. 

(all images via http://sucreofficial.com/#/)

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