Garden Inspiration

My spring garden is underway!  I have peas, carrots, basil, tomatoes, mint, and shy spinach.  I usually just grow a few things like some basil and tomatoes since they grow really well here, but I wanted to try out a variety of things. Sadly, everything I grow however must be contained in pots and troughs (because we rent I'm not allowed to set roots in the ground). Still, I love gardening. I'm not particularly great at it, but I enjoy getting my hands dirty and making the soil burst with life. The excitement I get when my seedlings sprout is born from watching my grandmother, who stopped on the side of the road to pick seeds and would marvel in nurseries at how many different types of vines there were. Everything that I know about gardening I learned from her. Everything else is pure instinct. I really don't even read the growing instructions on the back. I lay down some leaves, water when I feel is necessary, and cover them up when its cold. I of course also talk to them and give them names. There is just something that makes me feel like I'm unlocking some part of my humanity when I grow my own food. It's nothing substantial, but still. I can't wait till I grow older and can have my own garden with some chickens, maybe a goat to make some homemade cheese... oh, these lovely garden photos inspire me:

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xoxo. sarah jasmine.

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