Travel, travel, travel...

It's Spring Break! Wooohoooo! I'm so excited because I'm taking an awesome road trip and I'm so determined to blog a ton about it. I love traveling and I love seeing new places. This spring break my dad, my boyfriend and I (it'll be great traveling with both of them!) will be driving to Las Vegas, Stanford, and San Francisco. Yes, I am very deeply going to miss hanging with my girl friends, going to the lake, and my plants, but I love adventures!
Now the last major vacation I took I stopped blogging and I'm determined to not let that happen again so I've developed a post called "Travel Essentials" where I will share each day things that I personally must have for any trip. Of course I will also be documenting all the awesome places we go so stay put!

Today was the first day of travel and, as usual, it was the most boring with lots of sleeping in the car. The drive was a whole 13 hours going from Texas to Tucson, Arizona. Though there isn't always much to see, I think traveling through states like New Mexico and Arizona is so beautiful. I can't help but admire the big plateaus and the vastness of the desert. It's wonderful in it's own way and I'm grateful to be able to watch it from the window.

So, back to the necessities, on long rides like this there are a few items that I have in the car:

-Short books. I love reading and car rides are the best time to read but I never want to haul around giant 300+ page books so I bring light ones that I've read before just to keep my mind appeased during the drive. I brought along The Great Gatsby and Le Petit Prince, two of my personal favorites.

-Comfy yoga pants. I recently got some yoga pants from Aerie that are great for the car even if I look like a slob because I don't have to worry about anyone seeing me... (not pictured for obvious reasons)

-And of course, what is a road trip without music? Me and Joely put together a little travel playlist of things we like to listen to in the car.

After reaching Tucson we went out to eat with some of my dad's friends at a mexican restaurant and the Mariachi band played "I can't help falling in love with you" for me a joel. What a great way to end a long day! <3

We're off to Vegas tomorrow! 
Much Love and Happy Spring Break, Sarah Jazzmine.  

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