Thursday Hour by Hour

Today is my first attempt at my new series Hour by Hour inspired by Bluebird. Today I had tons of stuff going on from meetings to appointments, and to top it all off today is my dad's birthday! Since it was so hectic however, I may have forgotten about a few hours. Hehe, enjoy.

Wake-up 5:45am

6:00am prepare

7:00am Birthday Breakfast for Daddy

8:00am Broadcast (and NHS meeting)

9:00am Waiting room for Dermatologist appointment

10:00am Caricatures in Art

11:00am Lunch with my besties <3

12:00pm MATH :(

1:00-2:00pm... not pictured due to business hehe

3:00pm French verbs

4:00pm In the halls after school (can you spot my friend?)

5:00pm Ride home from a best friend after French Club

6:00pm Preparing for dad's birthday night

7:00pm Big Lou's 42' pizza for my 42-year-old father

8:00pm Desert

9:00pm (not pictured...)

10:00pm Homework and Blogging 

What a day! Hopefully my next attempt will come out a bit better. 
xoxo. sarah j. 

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