Hello there! Is it just me or did this weekend go by way too fast? Right now I'm pretty overwhelmed with school happenings but I've got a great series of blog posts set up for this week so get ready!
For this Sunday Morning I'm featuring a blog I found just this week. It's absolutely beautiful and engrossing. 
Andrewandcarissa.com highlights the life of Andrew and Carissa Gallo. Carissa is a beautiful photographer and Andrew makes films. Their blog is beautiful and inspiring filled with lovely images of their life and their love. If you love pretty images, inspiring words, and beautiful people I have no doubt that you will love this blog. 
Carissa, Andrew, and their daugther Rinah
All photos via carissagallo.com
This is kind of an old video. This weekend I've kind of been into old things. Old clothes, old music, etc. Anyway Ingrid Michaelson never gets old no matter how much I listen to her. Her voice is beautiful and so are her lyrics. I love her new album Human Again. I've listened to it about a million times.
Enjoy your sunday. xoxo sarah j. 

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